Getting Help

If you need help with a course, consider getting tutoring.  For German, Spanish, and Portuguese course help, please consult the Department of German or the Department of Spanish & Portuguese to inquire about scheduling time with their undergraduate course assistants (UCA’s).  For tutoring in any other language program course, contact your Residential College staff.  Each College has a set of peer tutors that will be available for you to schedule time with.

Also be sure to read through the McGraw Center’s tips for foreign language learning.

PCLS doesn’t make tutors available. Nor does our office possess any self-study materials or “language lab” activities. Please contact the sources mentioned above for getting help.

Summer Programs

If studying abroad for a summer floats your boat, check out the various foreign study opportunities at Princeton, that will allow you to go to another country where the target language is spoken. To help fund your study abroad, see the Office of International Programs.

Language Requirements

Read about the requirements for language study at Princeton here.

Language Tables

Practice your speaking proficiency by attending a language table!  See the list of current tables here.

Non-Princeton Language Testing

Navigate to the part of our website devoted to non-Princeton-department proficiency testing here.