Summer Fellowship 2021: Applications Open!

Our annual Summer Fellowship competition is open!  Applications are due March 22, 2021.

A fellow’s project could be any of a range of possible tools or technology enhancements for a particular course, including, but not limited to:

  • Creating a media application for a course (e.g., a website or vocabulary app)
  • Implementing an innovative use of a new technology or social media platform
  • Developing new assessment tools for in-class or placement use

Complete applications should include all the following, compiled together as one single PDF:

  1. Cover page with your name, home department, email address, and project title.
  2. Project proposal (no more than 2 pages in length total) that includes all these parts:
    1. An overview of the project, including motivation and rationale for it
    2. A timeline demonstrating how the project can feasibly be completed in six weeks
    3. An explanation of how the project provides something new for the language program
    4. A plan for how the project will be evaluated in the classroom
    5. A detailed budget list of all resource and material needs
    6. A description of any possible linkages to other university initiatives or departments
  3. CV
  4. Recommendation letter from your department chair

Read all the details hereLCTL instructors are particularly encouraged to apply!

Happy brainstorming!

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