Summer Language Reading Knowledge Courses

PCLS will sponsor intensive courses in selected languages during the summer of 2022. Each course will aim to provide graduate students from a variety of disciplines enough reading proficiency in the target language to satisfy their home department’s language requirement. After successful completion of the course, PCLS will issue a Certificate of Completion to the student.

The Summer Language Reading Knowledge Courses are intensive, fast-paced classes that have a high workload and heavy time commitment. Interested graduate students should be prepared to minimize conflicts that may interfere with attendance during the six-week period.

Courses Offered

Assuming sufficient demand, two (2) classes each of Spanish, French, and German will be offered, and one (1) class each of and Italian and Latin will be offered.

Schedule and Modality

Classes will meet during the six-week periods of May 30 – July 8 and July 11 – August 19. Courses in both sessions are taught at the same academic level. All meeting times listed are Princeton local time (Eastern Daylight Time).

Language Session Modality Days Times Instructor
French May 30 – July 8 In Person MTWTh 10:00am – 12:30pm Molly O'Brien
French July 11 – August 19 In Person MTWTh 10:00am – 12:30pm Elisabeth Bloom
German July 11 – August 19 In Person MTWTh 10:00am – 12:30pm Sonja Andersen
Italian May 30 – July 8 Virtual MTWTh 12:00pm – 2:30pm Elisa Dossena

Intended Audience

Classes are open to graduate students matriculated at any accredited university in the United States. While the fully virtual Italian course will allow students to be physically located anywhere for the duration of the six weeks, all the other courses are scheduled to be in person on the Princeton University campus with no remote/hybrid option available.* Courses are not open to undergraduate students or non-matriculated individuals.

No prerequisite knowledge is required for any of these courses. The Spanish class recommends either Intermediate-level knowledge of Spanish or Advanced-level knowledge of another Romance language, but all are nevertheless welcome.

*If the public health situation requires any of the Spanish, German, French, or Latin classes to pivot to a fully remote mode, the instructors will do so and notify all enrolled students. However, since the intention is for these classes to meet in person, interested students should assume this modality and be certain before they apply that they can commit to being in the Princeton area for the entire six weeks.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the 2022 program was Friday, April 1, 2022.

After submitting the application, mail in your tuition payment (unless you are a Princeton University graduate student whose department is paying your entire tuition) to: Vandana Bajaj, Princeton University, Center for Language Study, 011 East Pyne Building, Princeton, NJ 08544. Checks should be payable to Princeton University.

Selection and Enrollment

There must be a minimum of 15 students enrolled in order for a class to run. Enrollment will be limited to 18 students per class.

Priority enrollment goes first to Princeton University students, followed by Princeton Theological Seminary students, and then all other students.


Tuition for 2022 is $700 per class. Acceptable payment is either personal check or departmental fund transfer.

Confirmation of enrollment and course dates will be emailed to the students by the beginning of May. Enrollment cannot be confirmed until full tuition has been received.

If a course section has been either filled or canceled, applicants will be notified and their fees refunded. If a student withdraws from a course before the course begins, they may receive a partial refund. No refunds will be available if a student withdraws from a course after the course begins.

Princeton University graduate students whose departments are paying PCLS directly must confirm with their department manager in advance that the department agrees to fully fund the student’s tuition costs for the course.

Housing, ID’s, and the Student Health Plan

Summer housing may be available for enrolled Princeton University students only and should be arranged by the student directly with Housing and Real Estate Services. New incoming students in the first session cannot expect to be housed in University housing before July 1. 

Incoming Princeton University graduate students who participate in the program will be eligible for a TigerCard on or after July 1. The Student Health Plan (SHP) fee must be paid either by the department or the student in order to receive a TigerCard.


For further information or any questions, please write to us!