Language Teaching Credential

The Language Teaching Credential formalizes the language teaching training that students in French & ItalianGermanSlavic Languages & Literatures, and Spanish & Portuguese currently receive and enhances it through additional structured observations and workshops on theory and practice. Completion of the Credential will allow candidates to indicate on their CV, on their website, in personal statements, and other application materials that they have specialized training and experience in language teaching.

The PCLS Core Workshops form a defining, unique feature of the Language Teaching Credential.   These are offered by the Center two to three times a year, on different topics related to language teaching, facilitated by leaders in the field of L2 teaching and research.  Each workshop is open only to graduate students, with participant size limited, to ensure that the training is as meaningful and effective as possible.

All the complete requirements for the Credential are listed below.


  • Two (2) semesters of language teaching at Princeton

Classroom Observations

  • Four (4) observations of other language classes
    • Courses to be observed must be at the 101 or 102 level
    • Candidate should compose a one-page report for each class observed
    • At least one (1) of the observations must be for a course where the target language is not spoken/understood by the candidate
    • Once all four observation reflections have been completed, the graduate student should contact the Director to set up an informal meeting to discuss the reflections and the overall experience
  • Three (3) observations of the candidate’s teaching
    • Observer should be a lecturer or professor in the candidate’s home department
    • Observer should provide feedback directly to the candidate either in written form or by a meeting to discuss what was observed

Training & Professional Development

  • The graduate seminar in language teaching methodology offered by the candidate’s home department, i.e., FRE 500SPA 500GER 506, or SLA 535
  • One (1) course design workshop from the following, by the McGraw Center for Teaching & LearningDesigning a CourseDesigning a Course for Equity and Inclusion, or Designing your Course: Diversifying your Course Content
  • One (1) teaching statement workshop from the following, by the McGraw Center: Preparing to Write a Meaningful Statement of Teaching Philosophy or Preparing to Write a Meaningful Statement of Teaching Philosophy (flipped format)
  • Four (4) PCLS Core Workshops
  • Four (4) additional pedagogy events, sponsored by PCLS, the McGraw Center, or external professional organizations

Teaching Portfolio

  • Teaching statement
    • Getting feedback and input by the candidate’s research adviser is recommended, though not required
  • Two (2) course syllabi
    • Candidates will develop a minimum of two (2) syllabi
    • Getting feedback and input by relevant faculty in the candidate’s department is recommended, though not required
    • Each syllabus should reflect a course in language, literature, or culture