Grad Students

Princeton doesn’t offer language courses specifically for graduate students; grad students who wish to study language enroll in our undergraduate level courses.

Graduate Summer Language Reading Program

PCLS offers six-week summer courses to grad students who need to develop reading proficiency in certain languages for the purposes of their research or graduate program requirements. Read more here.

Graduate Reading Proficiency Testing

Many language departments individually design and offer reading proficiency tests, at dedicated dates during the semester, for graduate students in other departments. Read more here.

The PCLS Language Teaching Credential

If you are a grad AI in French, German, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish, and you’d like to take your teaching to the next level, this is the training program for you!  We offer workshops, talks, and structured activities to help you learn more about how to refine your classroom presence and pedagogical methods.  It’s a great way to also showcase to your future employers that you care about good L2 teaching.  Read more here.  (Note: The Credential is not a graduate certificate.)