PCLS has three spaces in East Pyne—one small meeting room (011D), one common area that is in the middle of the office suite (011), and one active learning classroom (012).


If you are a language instructor or department/program manager, you are welcome to submit a request to book our spaces. Please submit your request for 011 East Pyne, 011D East Pyne, or 012 East Pyne by logging in at and using the "I Know What Room I Want" option. Due to a high volume of requests, we cannot accept email reservations.

Note that if you cannot find one of these spaces listed after typing either '011', '011D', or '012', it means that the particular room is not available for the day/time you have selected.  If you want to just get a look at the availability of these rooms, add them each to your Favorites.  See the user guides and training videos on the EMS Web App home page for detailed directions on both of these points.

Please help to keep our meeting rooms and classroom maintained so that it can be a productive and comfortable environment for all coming after you. If you’d like to supplement the glassboards in 012 by using a mobile glassboard, we have two available for use that are stored in the Center; please speak with PCLS staff 2 business days in advance if you’d like to use either of those for your class/event in 012.

About our Rooms

011D: Suitable for student testing or small meetings

  • Fits 1-5 people
  • LCD display with built-in Windows PC (Zoom installed)
  • USB table mic
  • Webcam
  • AppleTV

011: Suitable for larger meetings, workshops, after-hours seminars

  • Fits 12 people around the table, plus 3 on far sofa chairs
  • LCD display with built-in Windows PC (Zoom installed)
  • USB table mic
  • Webcam
  • AppleTV
  • Countertop for materials/food (check with PCLS staff before using)
  • Business hour use as a casual space and a thoroughfare to interior offices; not typically suitable for event use during the workday

012: Suitable for classes, hybrid events, colloquia, and seminars

  • 6 wheeled foldable tables
  • 23 wheeled foldable chairs
  • 2 LCD screens
  • AppleTV
  • Mac Mini (Zoom installed)
  • Ceiling mics
  • Wall-mounted camera
  • Cannot be booked for events until Registrar completes course scheduling for the semester