We regularly host colloquium talks throughout each semester, all focused on language pedagogy issues.  The goal is to break down barriers between our language programs and share classroom strategies for common teaching dilemmas that affect us all. Check out our Events page to see what talks are coming up soon.  We hold most of these events during the (late) lunch hour that the majority of language instructors are free during.

Starting in the spring semester of 2020, we had begun to record all of our talks for the benefit of those that cannot make the live event. View all the videos on our Media Central page.  (Some of our speakers wished to only have their recordings viewable by the Princeton community.  To access those talks, log in with your NetID and password on the Media Central page, navigate to the PCLS video page, click on "2 Channels," and then click on the channel called "Other PCLS Talks (PU Login Needed).")

In 2021, we hosted the exciting international two-day symposium titled Owning the L2 Curriculum.  You can still view the event website and watch all the conference talk recordings on our Media Central CLTL channel.