Lecturer Resources

We offer a variety of resources and support to lecturers of Princeton’s language courses. We encourage lecturers to discuss with us how their teaching is going, so stop in and say hello!

Our Break Area

You’ve been teaching a few hours and are worn down. Or, you have a slump and need to push through the rest of the afternoon. What can you do for a pick-me-up? Swing by our suite in 011! We have copious amounts of coffee/espresso and tea here, for lecturers to take whenever you please. (Sometimes we even have biscuits too!)  We also have comfy sofas you can lounge on, as well as a communal table you can quietly work at, whenever there aren’t functions in progress in the room.

Book Collection

We have a mini-library of books in our suite that you can come and reference as needed. Browse through the collection on our LibraryThing page. They are mostly on topics related to language teaching and second language acquisition, but there are a few titles related to teaching and writing in general as well. We don’t have a system of lending and circulation in place, but talk with us if you would like to borrow a book for a period of time.


Room Booking


Remote Teaching

Reading Groups

ACTFL Training