AY21-22 Fall Term Placement Testing

Welcome to the Class of 2025, and all other students taking up a new language at Princeton in 2021-2022!  Please note that while many departmental placement tests are administered through Canvas, there are some that are not.  Students that want to study the following languages should directly email the contact specified, between July 9 and July 30, in order to receive a placement test.  Please indicate the following in the subject line of your email: “Placement Test Request from <insert your Princeton NetID> for <insert language name>.”

Language Contact
Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian mhbeissi at
Czech mpettus at
Modern Greek gondicas at
Persian amah at
Polish mpettus at
Portuguese ncooney at
Sanskrit nay at
Swahili mmwita at
Turkish nhatemi at
Twi hessien at
Urdu fauzia at
Yoruba oluseye.adesola at
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