Administrator Resources

**This page is currently under construction.**

Language Program Directors

The majority of Princeton’s language programs are headed by a Senior Lecturer or University Lecturer. The less-commonly-taught languages have their single Lecturers as their primary contact. See the full current list of LPD’s here.


PCLS is proud to have rooms available for use by its affiliates. Please go to our Space page for more information.

Department Chair Endorsement

If you are a department chair and a Lecturer in your department is applying for funding through PCLS, we require you to approve their request.  We do not need a full recommendation letter written, but only ask that you email us with a simple statement (it can be 1 sentence!) saying that you are aware of the request and approve it.

Undergraduate Proficiency Testing

Through outside vendors, PCLS can service testing for a limited number of specific languages not taught at Princeton.  See the relevant pages about testing for SPIA's requirement and testing for ODOC's requirement for information about what to expect.