Owning the L2 Curriculum

Annual Symposium of the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning
May 1-2, 2020
Princeton University

This symposium will focus on the recent trend in L2 curricular development to move away from commercially published textbooks, choosing instead to develop instructional materials that are better suited for a particular cohort of students in terms of proficiency level, delivery platform and content focus – as well as a much more reasonable purchase price. But this development is not uniform: In some cases these materials are custom-made and limited to the instructor’s students; in others, materials are available online as an open educational resource; still others are self-published by the instructors/authors, so that they are available for purchase. The symposium will explore all three modes of “owning” the L2 curriculum, featuring several plenary speakers as well as break-out presentations of recent developed L2 curricula, introduced and discussed by their developers.

This page is currently under construction. We will have more information about the conference available in January.

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