Personalizing language learning by blending online and face-to-face instruction

Hisae Matsui, a Lecturer in Japanese in the Department of East Asian Studies, presented her recent work on course design, using online video materials she has developed for the Intermediate Japanese I and II curricula. Her courses have been designed to personalize student learning by blending online and face-to-face instruction. This “flipped classroom” model has become increasingly popular in recent years across the University, especially in STEM courses. Language courses have actually been “flipping the classroom” for many years, which is to say that classroom time is primarily devoted to active language use and communication, rather than lectures on grammar, which is explained via the textbook. But Hisae’s work has taken this model further by adding a video component to the overnight homework in conjunction with the regular textbook assignments – and students can choose English or Japanese versions of the video.

The presentation focused on the pedagogical concept behind this use of video-based instruction in tandem with a textbook, the development of the videos themselves, how they were deployed in her classes, and how students reacted to them. Following the presentation, there was lively discussion about time use in-class and outside of the classroom, with and without technological tools.

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