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For general inquiries, please email us at  If you are one of our affiliates looking to request meeting space in our Center for an upcoming event, please see below.


Room Reservation Request Form

  • Please use this form to reserve a meeting room at the Princeton Center for Language Study. Fill out all required fields below to provide us details of your event, and we will get back to you either confirming your reservation or indicating that we cannot accommodate you. By requesting space from PCLS, you agree to the following (updated 11/2017):

    1. (i)You may only use the space that is specified in the confirmation email you receive from us.
      011 = main space
      011C = enclosed back room at left
      011D = enclosed back room at right
    2. (ii)Rooms 011C and 011D are not soundproof. Please bear this in mind if discussing sensitive information or needing a reduced-noise environment for testing purposes.
    3. (iii)If you need prox access to our space and you don't already have it, please request this from us at least three working days in advance of your meeting. Access will typically be granted to the organizer(s) only, not to all event attendees. Email PCLS your PUID number and reference the meeting title you used in your reservation request.
    4. (iv)You are responsible for all cleanup and straightening up of the room after use. Ensure you account for this when determining meeting length in your request.
    5. (v)Space in our refrigerator is very limited. Please check with us before storing leftover event refreshments there.
    6. (vi)If you no longer need a reservation, please notify us ASAP, so that we may give the space to someone else.


The mission of the Center is to bring together people, technology, research, and resources to enhance the teaching and learning of foreign languages at Princeton.

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