The Center’s core mission is to enhance the teaching and learning of foreign languages at Princeton — a goal that involves instructors, students, departments and administrators.

For instructors, the Center provides ongoing opportunities to learn about new developments in sociolinguistics, SLA theory, language pedagogy and related fields. This includes:

  • workshops, colloquiums and conferences on current topics
  • theory reading groups and  discussions
  • funding for classroom research on pedagogy and media development
  • funding for participation in national and international conferences
  • support for the development of classroom materials, especially digitized media

For students, the Center provides

  • resources for learning less commonly taught languages, through a Shared Classroom Initiative
  • ongoing professional training for graduate student AI’s who are (or will be) teaching foreign language sections
  • access to peer tutoring for students enrolled in Princeton language courses, and training for the peer tutors
  • academic courses on Second Language Acquisition and classroom language teaching

For departments and administrators, the Center

  • serves as a liaison between deans and language teaching faculty
  • provides a venue for discussions relating to University policies on foreign language courses and requirements
  • takes an active role in departmental searches for language-teaching faculty

In addition, the Center collaborates with the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning for training and supporting graduate student AI’s; with the Office of International Programs, in assessing and recommending foreign study opportunities; and with faculty members across all departments who wish to create foreign language opportunities for their students (“Languages Across the Curriculum”).


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The mission of the Center is to bring together people, technology, research and resources to enhance the teaching and learning of foreign languages at Princeton.

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